About Chantal Royer

Chantal Royer, an avid cook and traveler, commands a connoisseur’s appreciation of Greek and Greek-American cuisine. She has toured Greece and various Greek food destinations in the United States, including the Greektown region of Chicago. During her travels, Chantal Royer also developed an affinity for Greek food found in Melbourne and other Australian locales.

Also an Italian cuisine enthusiast, Chantal Royer has sampled Italian-American food from New York, Boston, Portland, Seattle, Detroit, Chicago, and St. Louis. Among Italian food styles throughout the United States, she prefers traditional restaurants in the New York boroughs of Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens, along with pizza served at a restaurant on Harlem Avenue in Chicago. Ms. Royer has also traveled to Italy, where she developed a taste for food from Bologna, the capital of Emilia-Romagna, and traditional Tuscan foods such as cannellini beans.

Other world regions that Chantal Royer has toured include Spain, the Canary Islands, Casablanca, and other cities in Morocco. In addition to her interests in traveling and cooking, she pursues recreational hiking. She has visited coveted hiking destinations in Italy, New Zealand, and Greece.

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